In Los Angeles alone, hundreds of animals are euthanized in the shelters daily. By fostering, you are saving a life.  Please consider fostering for our rescue.


Don't want to foster because you think you will not be able to see them go?  Think about how many are losing their lives everyday because they don't have a place to go.  Think about how many are just waiting to be saved.  This is what we focus on.  Of course, we get attached and we are sad to see them move on but it's the least we can do for these creatures that bring so much joy and love to our lives.  It's an honor to help an animal in need.  Fostering is work.  It's not easy but anything worthwhile and important is usually not easy...and wow is it worth it!  Seeing them thrive in their new homes is the best feeling in the world.


We ask that our fosters be prepared to foster for the amount of time it takes to find them homes.  Each animal is different.  It can take a few weeks or it can take a year.  LA Animal Rescue will provide the health care (vet exam, vaccines, spay/neuter, flea meds, etc).  


While in foster care the animal will come to our bi-monthly adoption events at Tailwaggers in Hollywood, as well as networked online and through any other sources available to us.  


Our mobile adoption events are typically the 2nd Sunday and 4th Saturday of the month from 1 to 4pm.  We ask fosters to drop them off and pick them up. If you can't and depending on your location, we can arrange a pick-up or drop off for you.

​​Help make a difference and sign up to become a LAAR foster!

​If you are in the surrounding LA area and are interested in fostering, please click the button to the right, fill out, and email the application to info@laar.org.  Thank you!



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