Happy Beginnings

From the Streets to the High Life


Boomer had a hard life on the streets.  We spotted a man swinging a cane at him.  Poor pup wasn't doing anything but walking by.  We took him off the streets.  Behind all the dirt and matts, we discovered he had an apricot coat that was soft as cashmere.  Not only was he beautiful but he had the most laidback, kind disposition.  Now he is living the high life with his family!

Dynamic Duo

Opposites attract when it comes to these two.  Billy & Joey are a bonded pair.  Another organization couldn't guarantee they'd be adopted together.  But seeing that BILLY (pit bull) was always looking to little JOEY (yorkie mix) for guidance, we took them in to make sure they would spend the rest of their lives together.  Bonded pairs may take more time, but we were committed to their well being.  A little less than a year later, they were adopted into the perfect home! 

A Rescue Committed to the Animals

We are always here for our rescues.  This beautiful guy Axle was returned to us after being adopted.  We took him back without hesitation.  He was clearly heartbroken and confused as to why.  But one of the friends of the former family sought him out and said, "I know Axle, he's a GREAT dog and I would love to adopt him!" Sometimes the adoption process isn't a straight line.  Now he is living (and snuggling) with his true forever owner!

Rehabilitating Animals

Duke came to us clearly neglected and abused.  Poor guy was fearful of his own shadow.  Had he been in the hands of the shelter, they would have labeled him "aggressive" and euthanized him.  With time, he came out of his shell, warmed up to his foster mom, and with the help of his fellow fosters he learned how to be a happy dog again.  After he was rehabilitated, he was adopted into a loving home and found his happily ever after!

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