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Why adopt an animal?
Every year 3 - 4 million animals are euthanized in the US.  In LA alone, 200 animals are euthanized daily.  By adopting an animal you are saving a life.  In addition, this allows a rescue to save another animal.  Rescued animals often know they have been rescued.  Many people find that they are more loyal and grateful to their new owners.  
Perhaps you are wanting a pure bred.  Approximately 25% of the animals in the shelter are pure breeds, including puppies and adults.  When you buy from a pet shop, often they are puppy mill animals.  Puppy mill animals are often unhealthy and the living conditions are very poor.  The parents live their entire lives in confinement.  By purchasing an animal, you may likely be supporting the puppy mill trade.  If you do decide to buy, make sure to meet the breeder and see the living conditions.  A reputable, responsible breeder will be happy to show you this.  If a store says their breeder is out of state, these are often puppy mills.
What are the benefits of adopting from LA Animal Rescue?
By adopting from us, we give an honest assessment of the animal's habits and behavior.  Because they are fostered in homes we know their personalities.  They also are socialized with other animals of different species, sizes, and temperaments.
Is LA Animal Rescue a no kill shelter?

We are a no kill rescue.  

Why is there an adoption fee?

The adoption fee helps cover the health care given to the pet.  All of our pets have received a health exam, vaccinations, de-worming, flea meds, spay/neuter, and microchip.  It also helps cover food and pet supplies.  The adoption fee is not to purchase the pet; it is a donation to help with the care of the animal.

LAAR is a small, grassroots rescue.  Everyone at the rescue is a volunteer; no one is paid.  We do not receive goverment grant or corporate funds.  We run solely on donations.  Every penny goes towards the animals.

What happens at the home check?

During the home check we will introduce your new pet to any current pets and to the family.  We ask that as many family members as possible be present so that everyone is on the same page.  We also will answer any questions about your new pet and being an owner.

Where do your animals come from?
Each of our animals have a different story.  Some are owner surrendered, abandoned, strays, and from the shelter. 
Do you adopt out pure breed dogs/cats?
We have both pure bred and mixed animals.  We are a non-specific breed rescue. 
Do you have a facility where I can meet your animals?
All of our animals are fostered in private homes.  We do not have a rescue facility.  If you'd like to meet one of our animals, please come to our bi-monthly adoption             .  If you cannot attend our event, you may                     for a private introduction.
I live in an aparment.  Do you adopt out to renters?

Yes.  We do not discriminate.  Because apartment dwellers don't have the convenience of a yard, they often exercise their pets more than home owners.  If you rent, please make sure to have landlord approval before starting the adoption process.  They often require a pet deposit.  Be aware that some landlords are size and breed specific.  We are only able to adopt out to renters who have been landlord approved.

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